Dr. Kris Wells; Inclusiveness Expert or Anti-Religion Propagator?



Dr. Kris Wells, author of guidelines that helped shape Bill 10 and the AB Guidelines for Best Practices which was written and is to be implemented in all Alberta schools to prevent bullying of the LGBTQ community, tweeted this Monday evening. Auto-Tweet or not, this clearly shows his alignment with the hateful organization that came up with this comic and that his objective is not to prevent the bullying of the LGBTQ community, but rather to spread hatred and to bully the Christian community and persons with any sort of sexual morality that does not meet up with his own set of ideologies. Dr. Wells’ demands for ‘inclusive’ policies in Alberta schools clearly don’t extend to anyone who disagrees with his way of thinking in terms of sexuality or religion.

The mandatory ‘guidelines’ serve to take away parental rights, distance LGBTQ children from their families, allow boys to enter girls’ washrooms/change rooms/shower rooms without any proof that they are indeed transgender, to discontinue freedom of religion and religious education in Catholic schools, create divisiveness that wasn’t previously there between religion/parents/girls and the LGBTQ community, and to promote an LGBTQ lifestyle to small children. This has already been implemented in some Calgary schools by showing children as young as 4 years old videos of gay couples making out, without parental knowledge or consent. This needless infringement upon almost everyone’s rights in order to supposedly prevent bullying of LGBTQ students is clearly a mask for a deeper issue that Mr. Wells has with religion and morality.

The LGBTQ community could much better be helped through guidelines that would teach tolerance to children, parents and teachers, counseling to help them get through the rough spots, and specific help/intervention on a case-by-case basis dependent on their home and social lives. Instead we are taking extreme so-called anti-bullying advice and measures from a man who is clearly a bully himself and has a completely different agenda than the one he presents to the Alberta government and school boards.

I would encourage every parent, woman, and any person with any kind of religion or set of ideologies that you value the freedom to have and to exercise, to read up on this and see for yourselves the dictatorial measures that are being taken by the Alberta government that specifically override your pre-existing freedoms and rights. Dr. Wells’ true agenda is clear when you read through the guidelines and see that instead of simply implementing guidelines that would teach tolerance and protect the children whose parents pose a real risk to the child, he has promoted sweeping policies that serve to distance them from parents at a time when they need the support of a loving family the most. This is truly a disservice to the LGBTQ community who suffers from much higher suicide and self-harm rates than most every other group, and whom I am certain would welcome a supportive family above anything else. A family that has been made aware of their child’s struggles and is taught about the risks and how to show tolerance and unconditional love is a family that could be the difference between another casualty and a thriving healthy child. Mr. Wells fails to see this because his true focus is to promote his own agenda of distasteful hatred, destruction of the family, cancellation of religious freedoms, and his own set of sexual ideologies to all Alberta children, all under the guise of helping these vulnerable youth.

Albertans need to work together to find better solutions than this, while keeping equal rights for ALL persons.


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