I Finally Made the Bigot List!


A few days ago I was added to a ‘public list’ of people on twitter, labeled as bigots and anti-LGBTQ, for Tweeting this.  Apparently you may oppose nothing in regards to this group without being labeled as a bigot, despite that I fully support the LGBTQ community, have immediate family members, friends, and clients who are a part of this group, whom I respect and love; and have even wondered if I should “go there” myself given my fairly awful experiences with the opposite sex. In no way do I oppose EQUAL rights for the LGBTQ community, however, the AB Guidelines for Best Practices which are being forced on all Alberta Schools with the threat of shutting them down if they are not adhered to DO NOT give equal rights to all students. In fact, in order to increase the rights of the LGBTQ Community, several very basic and crucial rights are being taken away from parents, students, females, and families. These are issues that involve everyone, not just the LGBTQ community, and we should all have a voice in how the guidelines are implemented in our children’s schools.

Being on this list, I feel I am now a target and that the “tolerance police” are going to come after me for standing up for parents’, womens’, childrens’, and family rights. I’m not anti-LGBTQ, I am however, pro critical thought and pro rights for everyone, something that has apparently become unacceptable in our society if it means disagreeing with the not very well thought out agenda of the progressives. We have seen how some of the extremists in this group have specifically targeted those who they know do not hold similar beliefs by going after their jobs, businesses, and livelihoods. This is specifically done to bully people so they will be afraid to stand up to them and voice their concerns. The bigot list was made to try to shame people who have legitimate concerns about their rights, into going away and shutting up. If I were to make a similar list of people who are LGBTQ advocates I’d surely be labelled as a radical who was targeting minority groups and could then rightfully be called a bigot. Ironically it’s completely acceptable behavior when an LGBTQ supporter makes a public list of people who oppose something that will strip most everyone else of their rights. The same rules simply do not apply to both sides. I have quickly begun to see just how badly the tolerance police need to start attending their own seminars, and possibly seeking outside help for their own intolerance issues.

To label me as a bigot, simply because I disagree with some fundamentally flawed portions of the very totalitarian Bill10 and the new Guidelines for Best Practices for Alberta schools is ridiculous, especially given that this judgment was placed on me due to the above tweets. I’m not willing to say that this is indicative of the LGBTQ community as a whole, because the people in the group that I know personally are very open-minded and reasonable people; however, the LGBTQ community members and supporters that I have encountered online thus far, including the person who labelled me as a bigot for my “clearly offensive” Tweets, are using what you would call ‘Splitting’ behaviour. Splitting is a sign of BPD and NPD personality traits (Borderline Personality Disorder/Narcissistic Personality Disorder). This ‘black and white’ or ‘splitting’ way of thinking does not allow for compromise, does not allow for any deviation from original thought, and is what has propelled Bill 10 and the totalitarian Alberta Guidelines for Best Practices to the stage they are at today. There is no compromise or ‘in-between’ guidelines available where no-one’s rights are stripped from them and the LGBTQ community still gets the help they need.  It’s an ‘either them or us’ way of thinking instead of trying to find the sweet spot where all people are valued, respected, and have equal rights. Many in this group have become so embittered, angry, and hateful that they are happy to trample on and strip the rights of as many people as they possible can, with no regard for the safety and well-being of others.

The cold malice that we are met with in regards to this issue is astounding. Below is one of the reactions I got from an LGBTQ supporter in regards to my concerns for girls being preyed upon in school washrooms, after I had sent her several articles from across the country showing that many assaults on women and girls have happened because of these new rules, and not even necessarily by transgenders but by predators who would use the new rules to access girls when they are vulnerable. Typical of most of the reactions I have seen, she acts as though the problems haven’t started happening, and that it’s no big deal if they do…


“Oh well??” This is not what one says in regards to the issues of girls being sexually assaulted in female washrooms and spaces across our country when you have legitimate concern for the well-being of people in general. So nonchalant. So care-free. So in your face cause I don’t give a damn! She might as well have said “Screw the rights and sexual safety of girls and women! LGBTQ special rights are more important than the safety and well-being of 1/2 the population.” These are the reactions of many of the self-proclaimed ‘tolerant’ people of our world. Their caring and tolerance extends only to themselves and no-one else.


Below is a list of bigotry inducing issues that all parents and Albertans should be aware of in regards to the new LGBTQ school guidelines… After reading, you too can then add me and others who are in opposition to these guidelines to your own list of bigots. We apparently feign concern about these issues solely for the purpose of suppressing and bullying the LGBTQ community; and, not because we actually believe in parental or other rights (alongside those of the LGBTQ community), or have concerns that our government is implementing totalitarian policies. O_O

  1. You will no longer have the right to know your own child’s name and chosen sex. If, for whatever reason, your child does not tell you about their new name and gender or sexual orientation, the school is also prohibited from telling you. Your child is then left without support of their family, during the most crucial and difficult time of his/her life. It is automatically assumed that family members will bully or cause damage to their children, therefore they are not privy to this information because then the abuse will surely begin? Parents essentially are being told by government that they are not to be trusted to raise their own children or to have input in their child’s life. You also are discouraged from being a moral compass for your child because your morals may conflict with those of the LGBTQ community, whose beliefs and ideologies apparently trump all others. Your rights as a parent cease here.

~ All logic has ceased to exist when it is permissible to kill your own child before ‘its’ birth, but you are prohibited from knowing ‘its’ name or gender after having spent a decade of your life dedicated to raising ‘it’. ~

  1. Men and boys will be allowed access to your daughter’s change room, shower room, and bathroom. There are no limiting guidelines on this and it includes all teachers/parents/and visitors to the school or at school-related activities outside of the school setting. It is a daily choice as to which gender they want to be and which washroom they use, there is no qualifier other than that they ‘feel they identify’ that way that particular day. This provides much leeway for predators to enter any space that a girl is in and take advantage of the situation – we have seen this several times already across Canada and the States in both public and private, and the problem isn’t going to go away because we are too naïve or good at ignoring facts to believe that it is actually happening. In fact, by allowing this in the schools we are opening this up to public spaces as well where the problems will be ten-fold. Taking away a female’s right to ‘safe spaces away from males’ is setting women back many years, as far as human rights go. It’s almost unbelievable that this is happening in 2016, and difficult to believe the feminists and progressives have not jumped on this one! It’s almost as though they are happy to give up feminine rights.

~ The problem isn’t going to go away because we are too naïve or good at ignoring facts to believe that it is actually happening. ~


Below are just a few articles showing how sexual assaults on women increase when gender self-identity rules are implemented for public washrooms and change rooms.

Man in Women’s Locker Room Cites Gender Rule

University of Toronto Dumps Transgender Bathrooms After Peeping Incidents

Sexual Predator Jailed After Claiming to be Transgender in Order to Assault Women in Shelter

Transgender Mans Behaviour in Changeroom Unacceptable

Doing a quick Google search will bring up dozens more stories equivalent or worse.


  1. You will no longer have the right to be called ‘mother’, ‘father’, ’sister’, ‘brother’. Even the words he/she/him/her will be substituted for non-gender pronouns. You can only imagine the implications this will have on the family. You can no longer be ‘Mother’, you are simply ‘Parent’ or ‘Guardian’ because the word mother can be so offensive to some! With this, the guidelines have become a complete joke. When everyday words from our language become censored because they may be perceived as offensive to a minuscule minority, and that minority is ok with it, and ok with the degradation to the family that this implies and which will surely follow in time, you must question their motives. This is so much more than simple rights for the LGBTQ community.  In all honesty, it won’t be a surprise when they ban science texts from the schools for fear that learning about X and Y chromosomes will upset someone. Science is at risk here people, SCIENCE!

~ When everyday words from our language become censored because they may be perceived as offensive to a minuscule minority, and that minority is ok with it, and ok with the degradation to the family that this implies and which will surely follow in time, you MUST question their motives. ~

There are several other issues with the guidelines, these are just a few of the basics. These are anti-family guidelines at best, and it is questionable as to whether or not the guidelines were put in place to help support the LGBTQ community or if the LGBTQ community is just being used as a pawn in our government’s little charade, to push through some of the most radical, dictatorial policies we have ever seen in Canada’s history so that they can essentially raise our children to think, act and do exactly as they wish without our knowledge, input, or consent. Being that there is no need for any of the above to happen, in order to support the LGBTQ community, I am leaning towards the latter hypothesis. I have never been anti-government but this makes me wonder if I should be. Government is needlessly overstepping its boundaries by far on this one. When it would be simple to either add a 3rd bathroom/changeroom or review the issue on a case-by-case basis, while implementing stricter rules regarding bullying towards the LGBTQ community, instead they have chosen to trample on our rights, force schools to adopt their moral standings and pass those on to our youth, and to put young girls at risk.

~ We can teach tolerance without destroying the family, without endangering females, and without isolating our children. ~

It is OK to pick and choose what you believe and what you don’t. If you are pro-LGBTQ you don’t have to go along with every ridiculous new policy just because it has been stamped with the LGBTQ mark. The LGBTQ mark does not automatically qualify it as correct, well thought out, or even tolerant. You can think for yourself and decide that despite that you have several friends in the LGBTQ community or that you are LGBTQ yourself, that these new policies are NOT OK, because they strip the rights of parents/females/children/and families, and you don’t have to stand for it just because it has been labeled an LGBTQ issue. There are enough rights to go around for everyone. We don’t need to take away the basic rights of one group in order to support another groups’ rights.  We can all have equal rights together. We can teach tolerance without destroying the family, without endangering females, and without isolating our children. We CAN support LGBTQ children without excluding their families, without causing a rift between people who care about these basic rights and the LGBTQ community. Forced tolerance only works as long as you have control over the subject, it doesn’t actually change anyone’s opinions, beliefs or actions outside of the public eye; teaching children properly about tolerance does.

What ARE the motives behind these totalitarian measures, and why is a typically oppressed group perfectly ok with the loss of rights of several other groups, namely family, females, and parents?…